Why we MUST go to Antarctica, the Moon and Beyond.

The time is 7am on a Monday morning. Though what day of the week means little right now. Where we are and are going is not defined by our need to structure time. Here, and over there, time is insignificant. Here, and over there, the unpredictable and fiery wilderness rules with such force that our […]

SPACE, a Human Story

What is #Space? It is our story. It is the story of life. It is nature. It is the continuation of what we have been doing for thousands of years. We see a place we want to go to and figure our way to get there. Each and every single one of us exists because […]


INSPIRING. INFINITE. FUTURE. I am sailing down to Antarctica, onboard Seabourn Venture, where I will be until December 15, photographing penguins, leopard seals, orcas, glaciers, and whatever beauty exist in this phenomenal region only found on Earth. The next time I will be back at the office, Christmas will be right around the corner. So […]

Give my Body to A.I.

I used to want for my dead body to sink to the bottom of the ocean. I used to want for my dead flesh to be eaten by fish and sea critters. I used to want for the molecules of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, and calcium that compose 99% of my body to go back […]

Space Will Bring a Quantum Leap in Evolution

Disclaimer: This is not a science paper It is a story based on science! For 500 million years, life on Earth was a single-cell paradise. Tiny prokaryotes roamed around in a world much different than the one we have today. Sure there was water, but plants were still 3 billion years away. I imagine that […]

The Need for Artists and Creative Storytellers for Space

CHEF’S TABLE, Netflix, Episode 1, Massimo Bottura, April 26, 2015 Opening scene: Homemade footage of an earthquake in Italy. Voiceover of a news reporter. Thirty seconds later: Scene of a castle partially collapsed, multiple structural cracks on the tower, voice-over continues. Followed by footage of a rumble. Cut to a fine dining restaurant table, the […]

Space is Nature

Despite being the tool we use the most, we know little about when and how language evolved. Sure there are many theories that try to explain the birth of probably the greatest innovation in the history of our species. But the origin of our ability to express ourselves beyond the general grunt while pointing our […]