I am sailing down to Antarctica, onboard Seabourn Venture, where I will be until December 15, photographing penguins, leopard seals, orcas, glaciers, and whatever beauty exist in this phenomenal region only found on Earth. The next time I will be back at the office, Christmas will be right around the corner. So let me take this moment to summarize this past year at the hashtagFUTUREofSPACE: 13 articles, 57 interviews, and close to 2,000 subscribers. WOW! My goal for 2022 was to start a conversation, to go beyond the science and technology and focus on the Human and Nature story of going to Space.

Why does it matter? Because despite what many feel, we are not leaving the Earth. We are expanding, diversifying, and elevating the human experience.We must rise above our differences and give legitimacy to these feelings of abandonment. By creating a dialogue that is not limited to a destination, but rather protects our humanity and facilitates the future of our species within the context of outer space and for the benefit of the Earth, we can then work together at moving forward in unity.

For 2023, FUTURE of SPACEwill not only continue with insightful writings and inspiring interviews, but we will also start bringing people together, in real life, in ways that will support our vision of what is a remarkable and empowering human experience. (An upcoming website will feature dates and locations along with all the articles, and interviews.)

A big thank you for being part of this amazing journey. A HUGE thank you to Ron Garan, Frank White, Ben Haldeman, Nicole Stott, Ian Fichtenbaum, Janet Ivey-Duensing, Alice Carruth, Thomas Reemer, Aaron Burnett, Scott Parazynski, MD, Robert Jacobson, Anousheh Ansari, Chris Hadfield, S. Pete Worden, Sian “Leo” Proctor, Ph.D., Patty Stoll, Daniel Faber, Guillermo Söhnlein, Christopher Mason, Timo Mustonen, Raphael Roettgen, CFA, Amy Webb, Emmanuel Duplay, Jane Poynter, Jim Kitchen, Jonathan Lacoste, Nancy Conrad, Chris Sembroski, Moriba Jah, Sharon Hagle, Scott Kelly, Grant Anderson, George Nield, Christina Korp, Chris Stott, Maraia Tanner, Lori Garver, Rachel Lyons, Mac Malkawi, Carlos Archilla-Cady, MD, MBA, Naeem Altaf, Hélène Huby, Nicolas Gaume, Steven Wolfe, Peter Beck, Amber Straughn, Jeff Greason, Meredith Garofalo, Susan Still Kilrain, Susan Paley, Daniel Leeb, Alex Fielding, Matt Gohd, Michelle L.D. Hanlon, Joel Sercel, Pippa Malmgren, Sebastian Asprella, Frank Slazerfor your time and for sharing your widsdom.

Myself and the F.O.S. team wish you all the best and we look forward to sharing a meal and glass of wine with you.

*Those are the 3 most popular words that came up when the 57 guests were asked to answer: 3 words that capture the essence of Space.

PS. Find below the links to all the articles and interviews.


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