We are a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to shaping the world of tomorrow, in Space and here on Earth. Our vision is to transcend the boundaries of traditional Space endeavors, creating a future where Space is not just a frontier, but a shared domain for all humanity that will elevate and expand the human experience. Space is both the continuation of the human story and part of the solution to the challenges on Earth.

“The Universe is not chaos. It is connection. Life reaches out for life. That’s what we were born for, isn’t it? To stand on a new world and look beyond it to the next one. It’s who we are.”

– Mission to Mars (Brian De Palma movie)


Join us this December 19 – 29, 2024 for a once-in-a-lifetime Holiday Voyage to Antarctica with Legends, William Shatner, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly.
Coming soon! Join us on our second Space2Sea Voyage, sailing to the Galapagos Islands. Subscribe and stay updated!
Coming soon! In the pipeline! Join us for our third Space2Sea Voyage, heading up to the Arctic. Subscribe and stay updated!



Our Mission

FUTURE of SPACE exists to facilitate and expedite the world-shaping debate. As new frontiers begin to open, never has there been such a need to listen, think, share, and shape. FoS is dedicated to providing environments where the gap is bridged between Space and Shore, where the relationship between Earth and Space becomes less daunting, less officious, less hierarchical, less out of reach. Our mission is to facilitate this by reducing the gulf between the Space community and the broader public, private, governmental, and science sectors. Our mission is to inspire, train, and become Earth’s Ambassadors.

Our Approach

Through engaging content, curated events and collaborative platforms, FoS brings together key players from diverse backgrounds. Our approach is rooted in inclusivity and innovation, ensuring the dialogue around Space exploration is accessible, relatable, and action-oriented. We aim to foster knowledge sharing, drive innovation, and build strategic networks to support the expansion of our species on and beyond Earth.

Our Impact

FoS is more than an organization; it’s a driving force for change. We are reshaping how Space exploration is perceived and undertaken, making it part of our collective journey. Our initiatives help demystify Space technology and science, bringing it closer to the public and inspiring the new generation.

Join Us

At FoS, we believe the future of Space is a collaborative effort, and every individual has a role to play. Whether you are a Space enthusiast, a professional in the field, a policy maker, or simply someone curious about the stars, FoS welcomes you. Join us in this exciting venture as we work towards a sustainable and inclusive future.